We are able to offer a comprehensive mare reproductive service. Our vets can walk you through the whole process from initial mare assessment and pre-breeding laboratory tests to artificial insemination with chilled or frozen semen.

We do not have our own facilities for mare boarding during the reproductive process, so partner with local studs, such as Ford Farm near Ivybridge, who provide the mare livery and management side of the process. We are also able to offer mare Embryo Transfer services; we will ship the flushed chilled embryo to Tomlinson Equine for transfer into a synchronised recipient. For more information on this process, have a look at their website 

We offer per cycle packages, which include routine treatments, scanning, insemination etc. If the mare is scanned in-foal, then there is an in-foal fee or we charge the next cycle fee if you wish to try again. Non-routine treatments such as uterine lavages, antibiotics, endometrial biopsies, caslicks operations, twin reduction are charged as extras. 

For more information about breeding from your mare, please give the practice a call and speak to one of our equine vets to discuss your individual concerns and requirements.

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