Point to Point Devon

As ambulatory horse vets in Devon, South Moor Equine provide veterinary cover for many of the point to point events in and around the local area. Our vets are not only there to provide emergency care if needed on the race-track, but also to safeguard the welfare of the horses both before, during and after the race.

Our duty vets cover the lorry park, paddock and course and are fully equipped to deal with any issues. Any horses that require immediate care are given first aid at the point to point event, then referred back to their own vets or a referral hospital.

Fortunately, the majority of the time our vets only have to deal with minor injuries and get to enjoy their days at the races. It is a great opportunity to see the horses we help care for doing what they do best, and supporting our clients in the process!

If you see any of us working at the point-to-points, come and say hello!