Performance and Sport Horse Vet Services

Performance Horses

Equine vets from South Moor are experienced in dealing with the requirements of performance horses, with both the professional and amateur rider/owner.


Most of our equine team are trained members of the Association of Racecourse Veterinary Surgeons (ARVS) and regularly fulfil the racecourse duty vet role.

As a practice we also do as much as we can to support amateur racing for our local equine community, in the form of point to points. This is a big part of equine life in Devon and many of our clients take part or enjoy Devon point to point meetings. We currently provide 3 qualified ARVS duty vets for our 4 local point to points at Buckfastleigh and Flete Park for no charge, as well as often making up a member of the veterinary team at other point to points during the season.

Apart from race course work, our vets regularly see both point to pointers and National Hunt horses for routine and emergency veterinary work.

Sport Horses

Although we spend a lot of time with racehorses, a large proportion of our clients have other types of sports horses such as eventers, showjumpers and dressage horses.

We understand how hard you work to get your horse competition ready and empathise when something goes wrong. Our equine vets work with sport horses in Devon regularly to enable them to get back to fitness and out competing. Our vets often come from a background of eventing, show jumping or dressage themselves.

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