Horse Supplements

We provide a range of horse supplements which we will usually always have in stock. Contact the team now to discuss your horses supplement requirements.

The supplement market is unregulated and a lot of products sold don’t say how much, or sometimes even what they have in them! Our products are the highest quality available and most of them are guaranteed free from prohibited substances, so can be used during competition.

Joint Supplement: Contains Boswelia, Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine HCL and MSM.

Iron Supplement: B vitamin and iron supplement to aid recovery and improve lethargy.

Myo-Formula: Helps to increase strength and muscular development.

Gastric Supplement: Helps maintain a healthy stomach.

Hoof Supplement: Improve hoof health and structure. Money back guarantee if no improvement seen in 6 months!

Airway Assist: Help maintain a healthy respiratory system (2-day competition withdrawal)

BozMerix: Nutraceutical to help with stiffness and orthopaedic comfort in horses. Can be used during competition.

Liver Support Tonic: Used to help horses with evidence of liver disease.

Calming Aid: Helps general health and welfare for horses on box rest or during competition.

Coopers Gut Support: Pre and postbiotics to maintain a healthy gut.

When purchasing equine supplements for your horse ensure you consult the experts. At Southmoor Equine our specialist equine veterinarians work with all different types of breeds and will ensure your horse is getting the supplements they require, we’ll also consult on any other condition. Contact the team now to discuss your horses requirement.

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