Equine Flu Vaccinations

There are many different horse governing bodies across the UK depending on the discipline. Although equine flu is endemic in the UK, we periodically get outbreaks, which are taken very seriously. For up-to-date information on the state on equine flu in the UK currently go to  https://equinesurveillance.org. British Equestrian are a useful source of up-to-date vaccination guidance: https://www.britishequestrian.org.uk/.

 This is a guide to help you understand what vaccines your horse needs and when. It is correct at the time of writing, but please check with your own governing body to ensure full compliance with the latest rules.

 Although different bodies allow different vaccination time intervals, we strongly recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions:

·      Two vaccinations 4-6 weeks apart (primary course; from 5 months of age).

·      3rd vaccination 5 months after the 2nd.

·      Booster vaccinations every 6 months to 1 year (depending on your situation and governing body rules you compete under).


Please remember that vaccinations are the responsibility of the owner of the horse and not the veterinary practice! We do our best to provide timely and accurate vaccination reminders, but very occasionally contact details are incorrect or something goes wrong and reminders are not received, but we cannot be held responsible for an owner not remembering their horse’s vaccinations!

The guidance below was last updated in November 2022.

British Horseracing Authority

  • First two vaccinations 21-60 days apart (primary course)
  • 3rd vaccination 120-180 days after the 2nd.
  • Booster no more than 6 months apart.

Horses that go over 6 months on their booster must re-start the course.

Horse that were up to date with flu vaccinations prior to January 2022 can just continue on the 6-monthly boosters and do not need to re-start. Any horse starting a vaccination course from January 2022 must comply with the new rules.

 Horses cannot race within 7 days of a previous vaccination (day of vaccine is day 1) and must have received the first two vaccinations before racing.

  • FEI

  • 2 vaccinations 21-92 days apart (primary course)

  • 3rd vaccination must be within 7 months of the 2nd.

  • Annual boosters must be within 365 days or the course will need to re-start. Horse’s must have had a booster within the preceding 6 months and 21 days of competition.

     Horse must not have been vaccinated within the 7 days prior to competition or arriving at a competition venue.

British Eventing

 Please follow FEI rules

British Dressage

 Please follow FEI rules

British Showjumping

 Rules as FEI apart from a ‘strong recommendation for boosters within 6 months and 21 days of competition’. Vaccination within 365 days required or re-start if it goes over.

Pony Club

  • First two vaccinations 21-92 days apart
  • 3rd vaccination within 7 months of the 2nd
  • Annual vaccinations not to go over 365 days

Horses/ponies competing at higher level PC competitions must have had a booster within 6 months and 21 days preceding the competition/arrival at the venue.

Horses/ponies must not have had a vaccination within the 7 days prior to competition.

 Please check in advance what the requirements are for individual competitions or venues (venue rules can vary).

British Eventing:

  • Same as FEI except:
  • Latest booster to be within 6 months of competition.
  • Can compete if latest booster is up to 14 days overdue at discretion of event vet.
  • Can compete at discretion of event vet if historical vaccine errors, but must be corrected before next event.
  • No 7-day rule, but must not be vaccinated on day of competition.

Tetanus vaccination

 Although not a competition requirement, we strongly recommend that all equids are vaccinated against tetanus. It is not a requirement under competition rules as it is not an infectious disease that spreads between horses. However, it is a potentially deadly disease in horses and vaccination is therefore strongly recommended. If you vaccinate your horse against flu, the tetanus will be done as well using combined flu and tetanus vaccines. Tetanus only vaccination guide:


  • 2 vaccinations 4-6 weeks apart (primary course; from 5 months of age)
  • Booster at 12-months and then every 2 years (this advice differs between vaccine brands, but as these can change we recommend these intervals to ensure protection).


Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) vaccination

 We recommend EHV vaccines in racehorses and competition horses that travel and stay away regularly.

 EHV vaccination works best for groups of horses, therefore vaccination of all horses in a yard is recommended if there are horses coming and going regularly or if there are broodmares on site.

We recommend all broodmares are vaccinated according to the datasheet.

  • 2 vaccinations 4-6 weeks apart (primary course; from 5 months of age).
  • Booster every 6 months
  • Pregnant mares should be vaccinated at 5, 7 and 9 months of pregnancy.

Please note: This guide is for information only. Please check the relevant authority website or rulebook for the latest rule changes/guidance.

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