Our state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment operates completely from batteries enabling us to perform these procedures with only basic facilities available. The endoscope sends the picture to a screen that you and the vet can see in real time, allowing you to be involved in the whole process.

Airway endoscopy enable us to examine the upper airways and guttural pouches, as well as provide any treatment or diagnostic tests required. We sometimes perform airway endoscopy using the longer scope so that we can reach all the way to the lung for certain diagnostic tests.

Gastroscopy (stomach scope) is done via a long scope so it can reach all the way around the stomach. This has become a very routine procedure in equine practice and even our pumps required for this procedure are battery operated. We usually send two vets for gastroscopy to make life easier for everyone, but there is no extra charge for the second vet. Please see our Factsheets for more information on gastroscopy.

Oral/Dental Endoscopy has become a much more frequently used procedure. We often work with our local EDTs to investigate problems they have found in more detail and facilitate referral to a veterinary dental specialist. It’s amazing how much more you can see in the horse’s mouth via endoscopy compared to visual and/or mirror examination 

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