All of our equine vets have had extra training to enable them to provide a high-level of equine dental care. We have fully wireless (battery operated) motorised dental rasps as you would expect of a modern dental practitioner. We prefer to sedate horses for dentistry

as it allows a more thorough dental examination, even in well behaved horses, however we do appreciate that not all horses need sedation and are happy to be guided by you as the owner. The price of our sedation is reduced when used in conjunction with a dental.

 It can be shocking how much is going in in a horse’s mouth without them showing any outward symptoms of a problem. We recommend having your horse’s teeth checked by us or an EDT accredited with the BAEDT at least once yearly. Even young horses can get all sorts of problems, so age is no barrier to routine dentistry. We sometimes hear the old adage that once you start having your horse’s teeth done, then you will need to keep having them done: this is nonsense! They probably will need to keep being done, but only because this is good horse management and not as a result of them being treated! Indeed, there are occasions when we examine a horse’s mouth and say that no treatment or rasping is required this year.

We have a fully battery-operated equine dental endoscope for more advanced cases that need it. This enables us to get high quality, close up mobile video footage of the occlusal surfaces of your horse’s teeth. An example of where this may be required is infundibular caries (holes in teeth) where further detailed examination is needed prior to restorations. You can see the screen and images the vet is seeing in real-time as the procedure is performed.

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